Working as a freelancer is amazing. It’s one of the joys of my life.


Freelance translation? One of the hardest things you can do.

But not that many of us openly share the secrets of our success, at least not in very specific ways that will help new people make progress and get over the frustration.

I’ve definitely been one of those translators who has been very reluctant to share all of my secrets.

But after about 15 years in this business and 10 as a full-time, extremely busy premium translator, I feel the need to get my message out there about what it really takes to succeed with books, tools, coaching and courses.

Why you should listen to me

I’ve been a freelance translator for over 15 years and am part of a network of successful translators. I know about and have researched many aspects of the translation industry, and not just my own little corner of it.

I’ve worked with over 100 clients in my lifetime and about 40 every year. I’ve translated millions and millions of words. I’ve hired freelance translators and know what their main obstacles to getting and keeping clients are.

I’ve had to rebuild parts of my business after an economic change, so I know how to hustle and get clients whenever I want, even though I’m a big-time introvert. If you want to know more about my translation work, check out my translation website or my LinkedIn profile.

What makes me different from other coaches

I’m the wise owl with a hint of humour and charm. This means I give you insight, but not in a blah, dreary way.

I show you how to take your profession seriously but without the catastrophizing that translators often fall into.

I will sympathize with you, but I won’t enable you. If you are stuck, I’ll help you reframe your thinking and get rid of unhelpful assumptions so that you can move forward.

The translator’s life is a wonderful thing

And if you’re down with that life, then I’ll help you be successful, however I can.

What do you get with me?

Quick-thinking clarity: Stop the hemming and hawing and take action now to become a freelance translator.

Killer confidence: After you take my coaching or read my books, you feel the weight of your fears lifted from your shoulders. You take on projects with confidence. Freelance translation gets easier.

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