I’m here to help you go from an experienced translator to a premium freelance translator.

If you’re here, it’s because you know you can get there.

More translation clients. Better translation clients. Better translation rates.

Below are some ideas to help you solidify your professional translator brand and image, work on your translation business model, and market to translation clients.

Your Translator’s Manifesto

To get your mojo going and inspire you, read:

The Translator’s Life Manifesto

I advise this because, to become a premium translator, you have to think of translation as more than a job.

Translation has to be something you feel in your bones and in your blood.

Translation needs to be like breathing.

After you read the manifesto, try making your own to put in concrete terms why translation is important to you.

I’m scared to get myself out there!

A big fear I help people deal with is–cue scary music–talking to clients!

Yep, it’s scary to talk to people. I won’t lie.

But I promise that you can learn how to do it simply by reframing the process and adopting a new mindset.

How to hunt for translation clients when you’re not a hunter



Which freelance translation business model should I use?

Did you know that you don’t always have to sell yourself as a freelancer?

You have many choices to present your services, from a solo operation to a company.

Read about the different ways to build your business as a freelance translator depending on your personality and goals.

The 4 models for your translation business: Which one are you?



How do I stand out as a premium translator?

I often find that translators make business building way more complicated than necessary.

Many people can benefit from not worrying about their social media profile and focusing on two key areas: your translation skills and your proactivity.

What champagne can teach you about marketing your translation business



I really need to boost my productivity!

This post is for freelance translators who spend all day on busy work, who spin their wheels and who never seem to move forward.

Surprise, surprise: you are not alone!

You can get help from about a bajillion books on Amazon to help you.

But you don’t have to wade through the bajillions because I’ve outlined what I think are the best ones for translators. 

5 systems to help freelance translators boost their productivity



I don’t know how to sell my services

It’s quite normal for translators not to know all that much about copywriting.

If you want to create sales letters, website content, or any other document to sell yourself, then take this challenge!

You’ll get a basic and very usable framework to sell yourself, without being salesy and without having to go through a million resources to figure out how copywriting applies to you.

Take the course:

Copywriting Challenge: 5 Days to Copy That Sells Your Translation Business