translators life client finding packageGet the help you need to find translation clients with my client-finding package.

So you’re a freelance translator thinking that your business could be so great, if you could just get some help to find clients?
But you feel confused, impatient and overwhelmed at all the marketing you have to do?
And on top of that, you’re also afraid to invest any money whatsoever in getting someone to find clients. Getting help in itself kind of feels like you’ve failed. Because if you were any good at this business thing, you wouldn’t need help.
But the most successful freelance translators know when to get help.

When I first started as a freelance translator, I had no idea how to find clients. But I learned, and I can teach you.

After over 15 years as a freelance translator and coaching other freelance translators, I can help you fix your marketing, get over the overwhelm and stomp out fear so that you get clients.

How does this package work?

What you get depends on which package level you buy, but here is a general overview of what you could get:

  • First, I analyze your language pair and sectors, including your most likely money-making sectors
  • Once we find your focus, I’ll completely revamp your resume, and you’ll make any necessary changes to your website and business cards
  • I compile an initial list of likely prospects to get you going and then teach you how to easily add to the list yourself
  • I’ll provide scripts for you to reach out to your prospects, which you’ll then customize and personalize
  • I give you tools and spreadsheets to track and measure your progress
  • We have weekly and daily check-ins to set your goals and ensure you’re hitting your targets
  • As you go, you get email support from me so you get a second pair of eyes before you hit “send”

How does the guarantee work?

To get going, you choose a package based on how many clients you want to get.

You then pay a deposit up front, that way I know you’re serious about finding clients. This means that we both have “skin in the game.”

Then we set a realistic timeline as to how long it will take you to find clients (for some people this could be weeks, for others, it could be months: it’s really at your own pace).

Who is this package for?

This package is for very specific types of translators:

  • Translators who want to move from agencies to direct clients
  • Translators who already work with direct clients but want to expand their client base

You also have to be:

  • Motivated
  • Disciplined
  • Open to change
  • Able to take instruction
  • Be ready to get over your anxiety and fear!

But I know you can do it!

How much does the guaranteed package cost?

Starter package: $297

  • Initial call
  • Analysis of your language pair and sectors
  • Resume revamp
  • List of prospects
  • Support until you get your first client

Silver package: $497

  • Everything in the starter package plus:
  • Done-for-you email scripts
  • Tools to track and measure your progress
  • Support until you get your first three clients

Gold package: $697

  • Everything in the Silver package plus:
  • An in-depth marketing plan
  • Daily accountability check-ins and weekly calls
  • Support until you get your first six clients