his page is for you if you are a translator who has agency experience and wants to grow your freelance translation business with direct clients. In this stage, you’ll be focusing on honing your client processes and laying the groundwork for a solid freelance translation business.

Online job boards for translators: What are they good for?

Despite what you may have heard, online job boards are neither good nor bad. They have their specific uses, so you need an idea of why you are using them to get the most out of them. In the post below, I tell you how to get strategic if you want to use online job boards to build your freelance translation business.  What every freelance translator needs to know about online job boards

How much do freelance translators charge?

As you build your business, charging enough will be top of mind, all the time. You absolutely want to charge a rate that says “professional.” However, what that rate is will depend on your skills, country and language pair demand. To charge a good rate, you should definitely get your skills to a professional level. But you can refer to this post to make an informed decision about how much to charge. Use these stress-free ways to set your freelance translator rates

 How do I get freelance translation clients?

You’re probably pretty frustrated at the vicious cycle of needing client experience to get clients. Did you know that there are tons of ways to build experience besides paid client work? Read this post to get over some misconceptions about how to find clients: How to be honest about your non-experience and still get translation clients

How to create a freelance translator resume that gets you work

Over and over, the freelance translator resumes I see are very drab affairs that go back to what people did in high school! Despite what you may think, a freelance translator resume is a sales tool, not a way for you to get a job. To help you build it as a sales tool, keep it short and only put things that apply to your clients sector. (Your part-time work as an au pair when you were 18? Nope. Has to go.) 7 rules to break to create a killer freelance translator resume

How do deal with demanding translation clients

One of the biggest freelance translator complaints I hear is how clients are awful. While I completely understand these frustrations, I don’t always agree with how translators deal with these situations. Instead of complaining, let’s reframe the situation. Better yet–learn how to prevent client complaints in the first place! Why you should treat your translations like babies

why you should treat your translations like babies

How do I create a freelance translator website that works?

Do you stay up at night wondering how on earth to put your translation website together? What platform to use? What sections to include? What your tagline should be? Then look no further than my free course! You’ll get a full 7-day plan to get that website up—and you can focus on finding clients instead! 7 days to a translator website that works and gets you clients