How to Move From Agencies to Direct Translation Clients

Problem: Hard to prove that you worked at agencies

You are so busy with agency work that it's hard to find time to market to direct clients.

You feel overwhelmed at having to manage everything

Make sure you have the chops to work on your own

Are you staying with an agency because you're afraid to revise yourself?

That is a skill you will have to master.

Make sure you have the Professional Standards and Practices set up so that you are able to provide a professional-level service.

Network with experienced translators

But don't expect them to refer you.

The main thing you can do is to be super available and helpful.

Don't expect them to give you overflow right away.

Just be helpful!

With experienced translators, they will expect you to be independent right away and on their level.

This last one in particular is a sticking point for us translators, as getting people to respond to work that is coming in now can be a huge headache.

Make your resume irresistible


Work begets work