Professional Translator Coaching

A fast track to boost your translation business

I provide coaching using online classes and email support. After talking with you and getting to know your needs, I will recommend that you take a combination of the following modules:

Basic Modules

These modules are for you if you are just starting out or moving from agencies to direct clients and you need to hone your professional craft and services.

  • Basic Business Skills: Get the basic business, marketing and accounting tools to start your translation business. Gone are the nagging questions of “What sectors do I go into?” and “How do I create a business plan?” Once answered, you can forge ahead getting clients in your chosen field.
  • Professional standards: Make sure you are employing every possible translation tool to produce translations that your clients love so that they love you and refer you business.
  • Professional practices: Become a translation-business ninja with impeccable processes that make your clients say, “Wow” and “You are amazing to work with!”
  • Professional image: Learn how to polish your services and present them in an authentic but engaging way. No fakery or salesyness necessary. This means you can relax and just be yourself when you connect with clients, which makes finding them a whole lot easier.

Advanced Modules

  • Portfolio: In this module, you learn how to get into your clients’ shoes so that you create a translation portfolio that wins their business.
  • Prospecting: Let’s face it: prospecting is the biggest pain in the tookus, especially for translators! (We got into translation so we wouldn’t have to go out and–you know–contact people!) But you have to prospect for direct clients if you want to get off the agency hamster wheel. Learn the big mistakes to avoid while getting an A-Z method to build your database and reach out to clients in a way that is step-by-step and pain-free.
  • Pitch: Once you’ve learned how to identify potential translation clients, you want to craft messages that get their attention. Learn the legal aspects, do’s and don’ts, and best practices of connecting with and emailing clients. If you’ve ever been scared to hit “send,” this¬† module is for you!

One-off coaching

For anything not covered in these modules, you can book one-time coaching sessions in areas such as:

  • Business plans
  • Marketing strategies
  • Selling yourself
  • Customer relationship management systems
  • Avoiding procrastination
  • Building habits

Generally coaching packages are in the $200 to $500 USD range. I will tailor each module to you so that you only pay for the lessons you need.

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